Bunny, bunny, rabbit, rabbit!

…that should be the first thing you say starting a new month, it will make sure you have a good month, YEAH!

Sjeez, got a pretty crazy week behind me, quite eventful…all in all positive, as usual πŸ™‚

Besides working crazy hours in the office, I had a wedding, celibrated Queens-day (and the night before, called ‘Koninginnenach’ in The Hague, then to finish the week off a family-day with cousins in Safari Beekse Bergen! Partying and fun all over!

The wedding on Wednesday was that of Arianne and Jurgen,

heeps of fun! Met some new people which is always good. Annette was one

of them, interesting girl with quite a history with her studies. She

was called Probleem Weezel (in dutch) at the university :)…nice reading material of how protective the established research institutions can really be!