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Kissy in Canada!

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Didn’t post about it yet, but am home alone since two weeks (come and join the party y’all :))

Seriously; Kristel (aka Kissy) went to Canada (Banff) for three months! A

perfect opportunity to reflect life for both of us, pity we couldn’t go

together, maybe some other time! 🙂

She left over two weeks ago and is having a GREAT time (no surprises there!).

I will go there for holiday end of July, can’t wait…the first pictures she sent were amazing!

Check this out:

Kissy in Canada

NL votes against EU constitution

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

…the results of the dutch jury:


Over 60% voted against…I guess the statement is made.

It’s not quite clear yet if this shows a general ‘no’ against the EU

and/or the constitution. Perhaps it is more a protest against the

government as a whole or the way this constitution process is handled.

Nevertheless, together with the French ‘non’ and the British

hesitation, the process started by politicians is put to a temporary

hold, needed for reflection!