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Back home…huh?!?

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

Sometimes things don’t happen as you planned…

Warning…this will be a longgggg post πŸ™‚

I started of so good this morning, got up at 6am (aahhhhhh! Was lucky

to get at least ‘some’ hours of sleep!), packed the last things and

left home around 7.30am. No traffic jam (amazing, even for a Saturday

:)) and cam e at the airport around 8.15. First bummer, it was supposed

to be THE busiest day of the year, yeah…indeed, it was! Anyway, made

it all the way to the check-in and got asked the flightnumber for the

connecting flight in Frankfurt (to Calgary)…the nice lady at the

check-in counter couldn’t trace it for me (WTF???)…how should I know?

I’m on a (crew)standby ticket! Kristel didn’t pick up the phone, so I

had to place a wake-up call to Rob & Stef and ask them to check it

on the Net (pity my boss doesn’t allow  GPRS). Long story short,

we managed and I got on the plane to Frankfurt!

Part 1 of 2 succeeded, the day looked promising…

I enjoyed a mere 3.5 hours transfer in Frankfurt and arrived at the gate…ooch…BUSYYYYY! πŸ™ πŸ™

Flight was completely full and already overbooked and I was left behind

with 14 others….DAMN! This means that ALL plans had to be

changed…and, no Canada for me today πŸ™ : (

Got in contact with Kissy who obviously was as disappointed as me!

Together we decided my best option would be to return to Amsterdam and

try other flights from Amsterdam on Sunday…my first day off was well

spend, trip to Frankfurt and back, sjeez!!

One would think things can’t be easier; return back to Amsterdam after

making sure my luggage was following me. Well, Murphy joined me on my

flight…bagage reclaim in Amsterdam airport dropped shitloads of

luggage except mine!!!!

It turned out that the bags were still in Frankfurt, waiting for the

Sunday flight to Calgary, WTF again! Can’t people just for once NOT

screw up???

No drama, it just took time (and time and time)…hopefully my bags

would still make it back before I planned to leave on Sunday, so I

could take them with me, NICE!

By now I am back home with a ticket for tomorrows flight in my pocket

(again the cheap crew-standby fare). Was just called that my bags will

be put on the Sunday Frankfurt-Calgary flight afterall. Only thing I

have to do is make it on my flight from Amsterdam (via Vancouver to

Calgary)…easy rigth? Orrrrrr….euhhh, I already know by now that the

flight is full and 9 other standby passengers are having higher

priority…guess I need some help from the cosmos tomorrow!

All in all a nice day, saw Frankfurt airport and it seems my bags have a higher chance of making it….amazing!!

So, wish me luck…no further postings means good news!!

btw. my alarmclock is set to 6am again, people who know me will perfectly understand my feelings πŸ™‚

Canada here I come

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

Dudes & dudettes, it’s time for my holidays to start! Canada, I’m on my way…time to see Kissy again! YEAH BABY YEAHHHH!

3 weeks of driving ‘n hiking through the wonderful nature of the Canadian Rockies!!!

Don’t expect many updates, then again…you never know! πŸ™‚

Catch ya’ll later!!!