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Monday, September 12th, 2005

Some days you’re just pushed around in circles with no way out…today or actually this evening was one of those days,

obviously at work (I wouldn’t be so fed up otherwise :)).

So, have been waiting for over 2 hours to get ‘just’ some reply from a supplier in the

US cause the German branch office we’re normally dealing with was obviously closed…time difference

*can* be an advantage (as well as killing :)).

Finally got feedback and found out that they have pushed the problem back to Germany, to be picked up first thing tomorrow

morning…that’s to freakin’ late!! I wouldn’t have been in touch with

the US office if I could wait till tomorrow…AARRGGGHHH!!

YEARS ago I put a paper on my wall…all my colleagues in the office (including

the boss!) signed it…unfortunately the message still holds…SUPPLIERS


suppliers SUCK