‘just’ one year ago…

…we didn't know what podcasting would become…there was this stomach feeling, but a 100 million listeners march?? NO WAY!! Well, think again…a lot can happen in 'just' one year.

It still is kind of crazy when I think back of it;

I bet there were only somewhere in the 100's podcast listeners, worldwide! I myself was listening from DSC #1, but only owned my iPod for a few days, enabling me to listen to a DSC during my commute on that particular day, October 7th 2004…traffic jam…I see an Audi A8…think by myself, wouldn't it be funny if Adam Curry was driving that car (I knew he owned an A8)…thought it wouldn't be possible as the license plate was dutch (and he was living in Belgium at the time)…I pass the car…look inside the car…and…it's just like a studio…the one and only 'studio A8' and Adam is mastering the recordings!!! 🙂
As they say; the rest is history…recorded on 'tape' to remind us this was one of the breaking points in podcasting history (a true 'god'cast as Dave Winer once called it!)…so, check it out!!!

Adam, great that you played the clip today on DSC #256, it's a nice thing to share with all the people who came on board since last year…not more than 'just' a few, eh? 🙂 🙂