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The HitTest by Jan Polet

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Yesterday I listened to the latest HitTest podcast (by Jan Polet…j – a – n , p -o – l – e – t !).

I must say I *really* miss Adam Curry commenting/answering in between the audio clips…it’s half as good this way…what a shame that things have to go like this šŸ™

Then again, listening to some audio tracks from the PMN (Podsafe Music Network) my guess is that it won’t be that far future before a HitTest based on Podsafe music will be created…what a great songs!!

Referrer spam (3)

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Gonna try something new…as I’m such a nice guy, it wouldn’t be nice

to block some potential visitors out via the .htaccess rules (see my earlier post)

Therefore; no more blocking of single IP-addresses…those people are

invited to access, but still should consider having their machines

checked on malware/spyware!!

Mind you…if I come accross an IP-address from where multiple spam attempts are made, *then* they are out! šŸ™‚