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Macworld Expo coming week

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

ZDNet published a Top 10 of things Apple could announce at Macworld Expo (held coming week):

Here we go:

10. Mac OS X 10.5…Odds: 100-1.

9. Intel PowerBook…Odds: 50-1.

8. iWork ’06…Odds: 25-1.

7. iLife ’06…Odds: 10-1.

6. Bluetooth remote control…Odds: 10-1.

4. AirPort Ultra…Odds: 10-1

3. 1GB iPod nano…Odds: 3-2.

2. Intel Mac mini…Odds: Even money.

1. Widescreen Intel iBook.

On one hand I don’t hope that we see the Intel Mac mini introduction coming week, as I will have a hard time explain why I would need one at home…
On the other hand…YEAH BABY YEAHHH, GRRROOVY! ๐Ÿ™‚