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Macworld Expo – what did it bring?

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

So, following the predictions made last week I now can publish the results as the Expo has ended:

At the same time I found out that I overlooked the possible announcement #5, for the record:

5. Price Increases for iTunes…Odds: 10-1.


For the record…this did NOT happen.

Well, here we go with the other 'results':

10. Mac OS X 10.5…Odds: 100-1.

Did NOT happen!

9. Intel PowerBook…Odds: 50-1.

DID happen! The name has changed (Macbook Pro) and obviously so have the specs…they did it, surprise the community!

8. iWork '06…Odds: 25-1.

DID happen! Perhaps not a huge upgrade, but still.

7. iLife '06…Odds: 10-1.

DID happen! It includes iPhoto with Photocasting support and iWeb, a great integrated web authoring tool. I saw shitloads of hits on my site for people searching a torrent for iLife 06…sorry, you will not find it here, I suggest you try (I know for a fact that the torrent can be found there…ssstttt! :))

6. Bluetooth remote control…Odds: 10-1.

Did NOT happen.

4. AirPort Ultra…Odds: 10-1

Did NOT happen.

3. 1GB iPod nano…Odds: 3-2.

Did NOT happen.

2. Intel Mac mini…Odds: Even money.

Did NOT happen. Maybe for the best, don't have the real need nor cash, but still would love to have one…in some months perhaps, better timing for sure 🙂

1. Widescreen Intel iBook.

Did NOT happen. Well, there is a notebook, but not the 'consumer' level one!

So much for the odds…number 1 – 6 didn't happen, 7 – 9 did…it's good I didn't put any money on the table for this one! 🙂

Steve Jobs last announcement starting with the famous 'oh, one more thing' brought indeed Intel based Macs, the iMac and Macbook Pro. This is a huge surprise…we knew that Intel based Macs were coming after the announcement last year. 'Promised' was that they would hit the market around June this year, starting with the consumer models, followed by the pro-type of machines mid 2007. Expectations were that the Mac mini would be the first one, together with an Intel based iBook…but no, Apple had to do things just a little different, again! Since everything they touch nowadays becomes gold, I guess there should be no doubt that this path will lead to success.