Mamma Mia & FUCKERS stealing laptops

We went to the musical Mamma Mia in Utrecht yesterday! Arranged last minute tickets, so only knew late in the afternoon that we could go…great surprise and a nice show. I was a bit disappointed with the musical itself (probably had my expectations up too much!); the quality of the singers wasn’t all that good (even pro’s can sing off-key, huh?!! The band was somewhat low on energy it seemed, overall the sound was not that good. People did their best onstage, but (at least for us) we didn’t feel really part of the musical. After the break though things improved and the end was met the expectations fully…finally some swinging on those ABBA-tunes!!

Dropped by in the ‘Disco’ afterparty for a short while afterwards and decided to go home after a drink (still had to drive an hour orso)…then, AAAHHHHHHHH…we found my car (a temporary VW Passat stationwagon) with the rear glass broken and my beloved ‘Comsmack’ (a slow 4 year old Compaq) gone, not to mention some personal belongings from the same laptop-bag!!!

Stupid ofcourse to leave it in the car in the first place, yeahyeah I know. But what can you do, leaving for this musical from the office without dropping by at home. Apparently it was gang-night last night as over 80 cars in Utrecht alone  underwent the same nasty experience!!!

Those FUCKERS…stay the hell out of my car!!!

First reaction in the office today was to remind me how stupid I had been, as I didn’t realize that myself…thanks man. 🙁

Lesson learned. I guess the world is far from being a nice and social environment, eh? So much for my faith in society (at least this part of it) 🙁 🙁

For the rest things are OK, I’ll survive! 🙂