Arrived in Banff

We arrived safely in Banff last night, just after midnight.

I found an open wireless internet link, so am able to post some more in the coming weeks, pictures too if I find a way to get them off the camera (forgot the usb cable rrrrrrr)

Most of the journey was quite good, we were very lucky on the KLM flight from Amsterdam, got the two business-class seats normally reserved for the cockpit crew! A major bummer that we had to take shifts in the cockpit when the captain wanted to rest a bit he he he πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I got a cockpit permit (picture will come later!) and was in the cockpit during landing, always an amazing experience!

As seen in the previous post, yesterday in Vancouver we found out the hard way that in the start of the springbreak weekend is a bad choice (if only we knew before!)…schools are closed, kiddos are traveling, planes are full πŸ™ πŸ™

It made the 'last mile' Vancouver-Calgary quite difficult πŸ™

Traveling with standby tickets we were turned down on four flights and were really, really lucky to catch a flight at all on Saturday, the guy at the counter didn't expect us to make it!

Here in Banff life promises to be great, weather is cold but sunny, the Bed & Breakfast is nice and cosy and we met up with Scott and Claire.

The last thing we would like to have is….our luggage…!!!!! Yeah, Air Canada managed (again!) to loose our luggage. Last reports tell us that it should be delivered at 3am this night (!!!)