I got the following forwarded today, thought it was nice to share πŸ™‚


There is extraordinary value in knowledge. And there is also
much value in what you do not know.

For in the unknown, there are possibilities that have no
restrictions. When contemplating the unknown, your
imagination has no limits.

Though the unknown can be frightening, it can also be
magnificently beautiful and inspiring. You can put into it
whatever you wish.

In the realm of things you do not know, there is plenty of
room for the joy of discovery and the enlightenment of
learning. There is ample space to dream, to envision, and to

To act as if you already know everything is to deny yourself
all the good things that are yet to be imagined and
discovered. Mystery gives life a depth and richness that you
would not want to be without.

As each moment passes, make good use of all the things you
know. And be thankful that you don't know it all.

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