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A promising day

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

I had a great chat with one of the hot-shots of my uhhh future employer (!!) today…they will prepare me an offer this week, this thing WILL take off…big time!! I hope to be able to disclose a bit more coming week, but I *will* leave The Netherlands for this job…wow!

But first we’re off to Libya (WTF? Yeah, Libya! :)). Axel and Beike (remember those two getting married last year October??) are throwing a party, both to celibrate Beike’s Birthday as well as jsaying farewell to the place they have spent their last two years. The theme is ‘Pimps, Priests and Prostitutes’ (naughty nuns and confused
cross-dressers are welcome too)…hehe, don’t worry, we’ll have HEAPS of fun!!