Damn me

I earlier migrated my raymondpoort.com domain to Google Apps For Your Domain and happily changed primary email address (see 'Contact'  on the right side). I was however still using my 'old' Gmail-account for all my mail (forwarded it from my domains).

Decided to migrate completely two days ago and stop using the gmail-account and work from the GAFYD exclusively, yay! First step in the process was to bring over all my old gmail messages to the raymondpoort.com domain (using a slow pop3 module), then…DAMN ME…unintentionally I created a nice loop where my .com mail got forwarded to my raymondpoort.nl domain (a back-up incase Google screws up :)) and then forwarded on to my gmail-account again. In itself no problem since the systems do have some intelligence and will not forward duplicate messages, however, I have only limited storage on my raymondpoort.nl domain…the domain exceeded its disk quota and started to send out 'message undeliverable – quota exceeded' messages triggering Gmail's anti-spam measures to lockdown my Gmail-account…DAMN ME twice!


Am still waiting till I can login again, most mail should go to the raymondpoort.com domain, but still, am sure I'm missing out on some mails.

Shit, never saw this one coming…