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Charlie catch-up

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Traveling for almost a month in April and working with heavy, loud machinery in the house this month (prepping it for renting it out) didn't really help in catching up with Adam Curry's Daily Source Code, my *favorite* podcast! Being on my 'road to future' the last days finally made it possible to speed up the catch-up; I listened to 12 episodes (wow!) and arrived at DSC #600 FINALLY…am still over a week behind, but getting there…

Hehe, finally found out what the whole 'Savants' thing is about being part of Adam's new format, which he started on April 23rd (DSC #586)…my Birthday! Nice timing dude, am digging it! Have a listen for yourself, the Savants are cool and interesting. Hmm, would I be able to make it to an official DSC-savant, in early podcast adoption perhaps?!? 🙂