Jason Calacanis bombs Squidoo?

TechCrunch: ‘Google Acting Against Squidoo Due To Spam’.

Funky, this news seems to give Jason Calacanis a major boost on his influence on the web! Because? Well, the thing with Squidoo (being a (potential?!) platform for spam and not taking the correct measures to fight it) has been going on for MONTHS, Jason recently has been all over them and NOW Google responds?!? Sjeez, this almost sounds like a perfect setup, mastered by Jason and Google!

Then again, Jasons new project Mahalo (cool like beans!) is a….uuhhh…search engineSERVICE, an alternative for Google (and so far very effective I must say)…so nah, Jason is still the great guy I ‘know’ from his contributions to the Gillmor Gang! Right?