Red pill, blue pill and Fear Industrial Complex

Last weeks DSC#632, around 8:40 in the show, a great audio comment from Dana Law from San Diego who responds to Adam discussion on Live Earth and global warming. Dana likes to refer to this as global hysteria and he places the current attention on global warming in perspective calling it ‘politics of fear’ or ‘fear industrial complex’. Basically the scares that we as world population have been (put?) through in the last decades.

Examples are many;

Overpopulation, herpes, second hand smoke, global cooling, asteroids, heterosexual aids, sars, birhtflu, running out of oil, ozon holes, nuclear winner, zombie computers, millenium bugs, high fructose corn syrup, ebola, african id cali, anthrax, transpaths, cyclomates,
diabetes, Alar, mad cow disease. By now they should all have killed humanity, right?

In his response Adam links the examples above with Guy Debord’s book ‘The Society of the Spectacle‘…I totally dig it, so here’s the transcription;

‘If you think about the Society of the Spectacle and that list that Dana just read, that’s kinda what this is all about and how human culture works. We really are in a type of Matrix, I don’t think that movie was too far off…we ARE connected, only we may not be lying in pots, but we are connected through mobile devices and computers and cellphones…we are really making the machine work, we’re feeding it through blog posts that go up through mainstream media and all the wires are interconnecting. It really is red pill, blue pill stuff…except all you have to do is realize it and that’s the red pill…if you don’t and if you’re just are happily enjoying the instantaneous hit of receiving an email on your Blackberry then you’re a blue pill person.

Hmm, maybe we should move on from scrunchers/folders to red pill/blue pill, because it really has that vibe to it. And think of all those things, all those disasters, asteroids, we’ve solved all of those in the blue pill world with Bruce Willis showing up to save the day. We feel comfortable and we don’t really worry about that…I think we really don’t worry about that because of Bruce Willis. I have to say, right upfront…I’m definately a red pill kinda guy.’

This was right on dude…Adam Curry, I love ya for this!

Indeed, it’s a good time to change from scrunchers/folders to red pill/blue pill…red pill, I’m in!