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Pohoda 2007 recap

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Back and rested,…slept like a baby :).

This years Pohoda is again filled with good memories to keep;

– reunited with our friends from previous editions (Veronika with her beautiful babygirl Vesna, Michal and Eva who will get married on September 22)

– met new friends (Igor, the swiss born slovak, our camping neighbors Zuzana and Jura)

– nicely suntanned by the 40 degrees bluesky weather, no wind…even the cheap beers going in could not make up for the sweat going out

– saw some great bands perform: Datarock, coming from Norway…these vikings have SO much energy, The Hives with their almost arrogant way of getting the audience on their side…’we know that you have bought the Pohoda tickets only to see us!’ :), Basement Jaxx who made everyone dancing like crazy, semi-agressive Wu Tang Clan hip-hoping around and the flying dutchman Junkie XL going wild for the crowd.

– last but not least; Air performed on their air-instruments, playing music like air…in other words, they didn’t perform, something with their instruments getting stuck in Budapest…:( 🙁

Yeah, you bet we’ll be back next year…pictures to come, some others can be found here and here.