Twitter updates

Anyone missing out on my Twitter updates while travelling to Norway, check ‘m out here, or below for this one time 🙂

09:19 AM July 27, 2007
Packing the car, too much shit as usual…wow, am almost gone!!

06:58 PM July 27, 2007
Am on da way to…Norway! Stopover in Winterberg, Germany for a family-weekend. Oh, no suprise…the car is fullFULLfull 🙂

01:53 PM July 28, 2007
Hiking through the woods around Winterberg…weather is rainy, refreshing in a way…I *love* nature!

03:45 PM July 29, 2007
Rainy Sunday in Germany…decided to go bowling, sjeez, that’s AGES ago…stiii-rike!!

09:33 AM July 30, 2007
Just left Winterberg, am on da road to a new future…life’s amazing, life is grand!

07:16 PM July 30, 2007
Just crossed the sea between Germany and Denmark. Hmm, this means I’m in scandinavia baby yay…feels like home already!

09:59 PM July 30, 2007
On da road for 12 hours (!!), just entered Sweden. Time to find a hotel for the night and get some sleep!

12:45 AM July 31, 2007
Found a hotel in Gotenburg, just 3.5h from Oslo…almost there, but first: zzzzzz

09:23 AM July 31, 2007
In the car again after a good nights sleep, 3.5h to go…Oslo here I come!

10:23 AM July 31, 2007
Half of the cars I pass are dutch…all friends fleeing the lowlands 🙂

11:25 AM July 31, 2007
Am in Norway baby yeah! There was no one at the border to check the car, a pleasant surprise! Almost there…

01:24 PM July 31, 2007
Home sweet home…I arrived in Hagan! Great timing as usual; the house broker also just came…let’s do some handover!

08:19 AM August 01, 2007
First night in the house…slept like a baby! On my way 2 work, actually looking forward 2 it! Think that’s a good sign.