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First visitors from NL

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Just came back from a nice dinner with Jo (Joanne) and Ries (Richard). Jo I know from when she was born (she’s the daughter of one of my highschool teachers) and Ries trained together with me last year. Was great to see some fellow cheeseheads and talk dutch the whole evening 🙂

They’re staying with Erika, Jo’s norwegian friend who spent a year in NL some years back and (still!) speaks almost fluently dutch, now that really gives me hopes up for my language course starting in September! She learned me; blå glatt gateplakat! It translates to ‘blue shiny street sign’ which doesn’t make any sense but is a real tongue breaker !:)

They are the first ‘visitors’ from NL, besides my colleagues from the dutch office of course…kuddos to them, hope they have a nice time in Oslo this week, I guess they’ll know the city better than I do afterwards, uhhh…