Back in Norway

I just came back home (Norway this time :)).

Had a great time surprising Robbert for his Birthday and meeting family/friends this weekend! Only one major bummer, I completely missed the last Formule One race of the season…the Brazilian race started at 6pm and ended around 8pm, exactly the period I was flying high up in the air somewhere between NL and N.

Typically one of those moment of I should have…I should have bought a DVD/HD recorder to record the race and watch it when I came home. None of that, and even worse, no evening repeat or highlights (probably since it was an evening race in Europe anyway)…DAMN!

By now I know that the impossible became reality, Lewis Hamilton didn’t make it, nor did Fernando Alonso and it was Kimi Raikonen who made it to world champion!

I guess it would have been a great race to watch…darn…:(