Cultural differences NL-N (2)

Here’s another ‘cultural difference’ between The Netherlands and Norway;

In Norway most water taps in public buildings (toilets of bars for instance) use a mixer tap with a single valve, allowing you to mix the water temperature as you like.

In The Netherlands most of water taps in public places are just single taps, supplying only cold water.

I often see the mixer taps in Norway (in houses too) set in the middle position, providing a nice mix of warm water.

So, people here wash their hands generally with warm water, while most people in The Netherlands wash their hands with cold water…hmm, could it be that Norwegians warm up their hands this way in order to protect them from freezing off in the generally colder temperature in Norway??

Hehe, and I thought I emigrated to the land of tough Vikings! πŸ˜‰