WordPress is up, in beta

The .com-blog is up! It turned out to be very easy to set up WordPress (the 5 minute install indeed), however…importing my older (Pivot-based) posts turned out to be a bit harder…:(

The easiest method for importing is to use a RSS-file containing all posts. Unfortunately the server of my hosting provider didn’t allow me to get all my 800+ posts into one RSS-file (the server wasn’t able to allocate enough memory to do so?!?), so I ended up using a script I found while poking around the Net.

The script did most of the work, so far, so good…some things are still broken though; links to older posts, all images, and I can only embed YouTube videos when using the classic theme. The much nicer Kubrick theme breaks cause the width of the page is not wide enough to support the vids.

As you can see, I’ve got some work to do on the layout, so I’d call the site still in beta.

I will manually cross-post on the .nl and .com blogs until everything here is fixed.