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Hotels and WiFi

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Being a hotel junkie this week (will be in three different hotels in four days), so my internet presence has been depending on WiFi availability in the first two hotels (Geneva and Brussels). Both hotels were not elite, but certainly not cheap (EUR 200 and EUR 150 per night!). I can’t understand that even in 2008 these type of hotels still don’t include free WiFi as part of their standard service (hey, they provide a hot shower too, right? ;))…it’s not about the money (well, EUR 3,50 per 30 mins in the NH Hoteles in Geneva and EUR 10,- in the IBIS in Brussels ain’t all that cheap if you ask me), but it’s just inconvenient (leaving your room to buy these scratch-cards, etc.)…sjeez guys, wake up in the new era and fix it!!