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Internet banking

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

I got my norwegian bankaccount last year while I ‘only’ had a temporary personal number, awaiting the further processing of my application of moving into Norway. Everything was cool and I had an account on which my salary could be paid. The internet banking worked fine (and started off my language course, since the site is all in norwegian ;)).

After receiving my permanent norwegian personal number I informed the bank who told me that my bankcard needed to be changed. Easy enough, but it caused a problem with my creditcard in the internet banking system; I couldn’t check the transactions, balance and invoices online! Lemme tell you, when you are used to arranging all banking stuff online, this really sucks…the solution according to the bank would be to change my creditcard too. It meant I was without a card for a week, since the card would be blocked from the moment a new card is requested. Not convenient, but I went for it anyway…only to find out that the new card didn’t solve the problem, and I still didn’t have access to any creditcard details online!!

What is up with that?? How difficult can it be? I mean, the account stayed the same when I changed the temporary for the permanent personal number…anyway, todays good news is that after several months my bank finally got their act together and got things working!

Yay, my banking life is good again!