MobileMe vs. Google Apps

Apple released MobileMe last week, an update of their online service, .Mac.

I have been a .Mac subscriber for a couple of years now and mainly used it for document and photo storage and backup service for my Mac Mini. The MobileMe update adds a very nice feature, push Email/Contacts/Calendar…and THAT is what I want on my iPhone! πŸ˜‰

Then, since a couple of years I am a huge supporter of Gmail, the lightweight, yet superfunctional online email application. Later on followed by Google Apps; a great way to use share documents and calendars online.

The dilemma;

Should I migrate everything to MobileMe or stick with Google, hoping they will introduce push Email/Contact/Calendar sometime in the future?

Well, I refuse to change my emailaddress, so I need Apple to be able to host my domain email, which is not possible at the moment I believe…I guess I will wait a while with a full migration then.

But you bet I am gonna sync the Google Apps data (email, contacts and calendar) with MobileMe and have Apple push everything to my iPhone, sweet!!