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Back home

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

I just came back home after a quit intense week in NL.
The weekdays were what they normally are; filled with shitloads of work…it keeps you busy, eh? 😉
Then Friday, while I was at my parents, the phone rang with the news of the birth of my second nephew, Jurre! A beautiful baby boy…I’m so happy that I was able to see him this fast (nearly 2 hours after the birth)!!

Yesterday was a guys day out; Robbert and I planned to go to the Bavaria City Racing event in Rotterdam…major disappointment since it turned out to be held today instead of yesterday 🙁 (why check the date on a calendar, eh?)…but hey, at least I got to enjoy a beer (still cheap compared to Norway ;)) in Rotterdam and a nice dinner in Delft, it was great to be back in my old city!
We moved on to The Hague and after a terrific movie (The Dark Knight), we hit our favorite pub ‘De Paap‘, never disappointed there! We topped it of with a visit to ‘De Pijpela’, one of the few places still open after 4am, actually a place you don’t want to be. 😉
Going home wasn’t all that straightforward; a friggin’ flat tire!! Hehe, I guess it was the first time I changed a tire at that time of night/early morning…we finally came home around 7am! Yeah, I guess you can say we had a great day/night!

Some things never change, and today my struggle with luggage between Amsterdam and Oslo reached another chapter; instead of wrecking the suitcase, KLM decided to leave it in Amsterdam…hey, they’re not taking chances, eh? Damn!
Anyway, it’s always good to come home and see that the cats missed me, running around in circles around me, or is it just that they were hungry? 😉

I’m off to bed a bit early, catching up on sleep while another working week is coming up!