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I am a birkebeiner!

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Yay, I made it!! I just crossed the finishline of the crrrraaazy mountainbike race called ‘birkebeiner’, hmm, I guess that makes me a birkebeiner in a way, eh…;)
I’m pretty pleased with my time too, 4h54m, and that includes the time I took some rest. Woohoo, not bad for someone who hardly trained! 😉
Kudos to Kristel, who has been driving the whole day; bringing me to the start this morning, meeting me halfway for a kiss and a picture and making it (just) in time for a finish photo!!

We’re on our way to Willy’s Birthday party now, he turned 40 two weeks ago, hehe, I’m in the mood to party!!