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Byebye Nusa Dua, hello Ubud

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

It’s moving day today, we checked out from the paradise hotel in Nusa Dua this morning (I’m gonna miss that place and its vibe!!) and were driven to Ubud, a small city located more towards the center of Bali and known from its art and medicine men. In Kuta (unfortunately known from the Bali bombings some years ago), on the way to Ubud, Kristel bought some beads for KIS (well ‘some’? I estimate around 5kg!!), so that’ll keep her busy this winter. 😉
We just checked in at the Ubud Village hotel (no internet…!?!) and are now enjoying the famous multi-vitamin lunch at Wayan’s place, the medicine woman from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’…if you ever come to Bali and visit Ubud, go there, it’s quite an experience! You can find her next to the postoffice.
Tonight our friends, Axel and Beike, will join us in Ubud, it will be great to see them again!
Hey, hey, we’re gonna have a great weekend together, sure thing!