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We live in Public

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Yesterday I read an email/blogpost that Jason Calacanis send/posted some days ago. The piece was based on the documentary ‘We live in Public‘, telling the story of Jason’s friend, the dot-com entrepreneur Josh Harris. Iin his post, Jason describes the movie as: ‘a cautionary tale about the dehumanizing effects of technology, a somber topic that we all need to consider in the age of Facebook, blogging, linkbaiting, and, sadly, the MySpace and JustinTV suicides.’

I haven’t seen the movie myself yet, but will try to find it in a theater in Oslo (or otherwise uhh, download it…from uhh, somewhere!?! 😉 )

For now, one should read Jason’s post. It will give you some enlightment in the sudden shift in behaviour that many people encouter while turning their non-digital lives into purely digital focused lives plus the lack of empathy that seems to come with it…

I emailed Jason and told him that it is great to see him and others evolve over the years and (slowly) bringing the internet from the purely digital hype, back to our emotional/spiritual/’analog’ lives. Afterall, there is only one life, one NOW, and it’s up to us to integrate the different media and influences into it.

As I told many times before, I believe that the internet is mainly a TOOL, intended to bring us back together in order to become ONE again (trust me, it’s not as freaky as it sounds 😉 )…that’s a complete opposite to us loosing empathy and actually enlarging the gap between people.

Lastly, Jason started “empathy day” on Twitter. A pretty simple concept: say something nice to someone and put #empathyday at the end. I dig the concept…so:

I love you all! #empathyday