Beamer, beemer or…bimmer?!?

Last week I wrote ‘The Beamer is IN!‘…today I learned that not everyone is familiar with this term, and it got me wondering where it originated from.

Some poking around on the Net gave me a surprising answer; the term beamer, or beemer is not correct, I should refer to the car as ‘bimmer‘! (thanks to Yahoo Answers!)


In short; in the old days, BMW motorcycles were referred to as ‘beemers’ (track slang).

Since one obviously should not confuse cars with motorcycles, the cars were called ‘bimmers’…something not many know, but at least y’all know now!

Btw. in the German language, the correct pronunciation ofΒ  ‘bimmer’ is ‘beemer’, and that completes the circle! πŸ˜‰