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Buena Vista Live

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I *LOVE* surprises! And especially the one from last night: I got a ticket for the Buena Vista concert in Bratislava!! Really terrific to see and hear these ‘oldies’ performing on stage like youngsters!

Check out the video I took last night (the original 121Mb file is here):

(sorry for the WAY overmodulated sound!)

And for the techies; I shot the video using Jay Freeman’s (saurik) Cycorder on my (jailbroken) iPhone. The size of the .mov file was 8m30s / 121Mb…a bit too big for posting on the site, so I converted it (online!) to .avi via (which worked like a charm!). The size dropped to 39Mb, quality loss was acceptable (it wasn’t too good to start with) and it is here for all to enjoy!