iPhone OS v3.0 preview

Today Apple previewed the upcoming iPhone software, version 3.0, which adds a LOT of new features and adds some nice twists on how the iPhone interface is used.

It’s truly a MAJOR update to the iPhone OS, especially looking at the full list of features:

Push Notifications, Copy and Paste, Landscape Keyboard, MMS (Messages App), CalDAV, Stocks, Extended Search, Spotlight Search, Bluetooth A2DP, Voice Memos, In-App Purchases, Peer to Peer Connectivity, Maps, Accessory Connectivity.

And more:

Notes Sync, Audio/Video tags, Live Streaming (Updated media player adjusts streaming video quality according to current bandwidth), Shake to Shuffle, Wi-Fi Auto Login, LDAP, iTunes Account Creation, YouTube ratings, subscriptions, accounts and encrypted profiles, Anti-Phishing, Call Log, Parental Controls, Media Scrubber, OTA profiles, VPN on demand, Languages, Auto-fills.

I won’t repeat the ins and outs on all features, they can be found on a zillion different websites…all I can say is that I can’t wait until this summer when the OS will be made available!