In the market for a house

Now that we know that we’ll have to move out of the house we’re renting in July, we’re moving FAST to investigate our options, mainly options to buy a house already this summer.

First things first, and money unfortunately always comes first when considering to buy a house…so, today we had a meeting to discuss mortgage options.

Well, getting a mortgage shouldn’t be ANY problem (sjeez, and a LOT I might add, I still don’t trust the banks… 😉 ), the only thing is that due to the ‘crisis’, we can’t get 100% financed and have to bring considerable cash, at least 10% orso…and, uhh, most of the cash ‘disappeared’ after we bought our car three months ago.

Hmm, a catch-22 if you ask me. I guess I have to find some serious cash under a tree, or work out other options (there are still some…).

Anyway, we’re IN the market for a house, it’ll be a nice experience to search (AND find!) a new Castle on a hill! 😉