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My 50 BILLION Dollar note

Monday, May 11th, 2009

My colleague brought me something special from sunny Zimbabwe: a 50 BILLION dollar note!! And yes, I *am* aware that the actual value according to the bank ain’t all that much, still it’s great to have it!

The note was issued on May 15 2008 and expired December 31 2008…and as I wrote in January this year, in the mean time a 100 TRILLION dollar note has been released! I heard that they actually take off several 000’s every now and then and increase the value of the million…sounds strange, eh?

Another interesting thing is that it turns out to be cheaper to use (old) dollar bills instead of toilet paper…HUH?!? So people literally WIPE their asses with dollar notes!!! Hahaha

(full size pictures in my Flickr photostream)

Broken Kef Subwoofer

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Damn, my Kef Subwoofer (PSW 2010) broke down. 🙁

It seems to be the same problem as two years ago (a noisy buzz whenever the sub kicks in). Last time it got repaired under warranty, provided by my audio specialist, Art’s Audio…I’ll give Arthur a call tomorrow, who knows how far his service reaches! 😉