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Go green for democracy in Iran

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

The situation in Iran is worrying to say the least. Not only the internal politics (aka corruption?), but even more the effects it can have (has) on international politics and relations in the Middle East region. Some say that the US plans to go to war with Iran (one theory actually expected this to happen just before last years elections, allowing Bush to force the momentum away from Obama…). Let’s hope it doesn’t come that far, war is never a solution, but it’s clear that something needs to happen.

What better than to have millions of people join forces and let their combined energy make the difference? (you would be surprised how powerful this can be!)

Green is the color of this movement and the ‘fight’ takes place on the Web (mainly on Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook)…people around the world are changing their Twitter avatar to have a green overlay, I just did mine:

Check out, a single click there will change your Twitter avatar to have a green overlay…show your support for democracy in Iran!

Twitter has proven to be a great way to get real-time news distributed, check for updates!