More IKEA fun

There was no way I could avoid more IKEA fun…having a new house and not/never enough closets to store stuff in, well, do the math! πŸ˜‰

Other fun stuff; Apple has the “It’s Only Rock and Roll” media event scheduled for tomorrow. Rumors and speculations on the possible announcements are:

  • iPods with a camera (very likely)
  • new iTunes Store options (codename “Cocktail”Β  and Pre-Cut Ringtones, I’d say ‘likely’)
  • iTunes 9 (for sure, I realized today that iTunes 5 came in 2005, so 2009 seems the right year for iTunes 9 ;))
  • the ‘iTablet’ (somewhere inbetween an iPhone and MacBook, not very likely at the moment)
  • and of course The Beatles are part of the rumor circus again, which is becoming a tradition!

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, as my Facebook fortune cookie said yesterday: “Every day is a new beginning.” πŸ˜‰