Shitheads stealing towels

Vvrrrrr, the day started as any other; we were getting ready for another day at the beach, packed some food and drinks, went to grab the beach towels from the line next to the house where we left them to dry yesterday…uuhhh, well, the beach towels are gone!! Some shithead(s) probably thought they were the coolest beach towels on the island and decided to steal them!!! I ask you…beach towels…so sad, come on!! It has nothing to do with the value of a friggin’ beach towel, I just can’t stand ‘people’ (loosers!) who show no respect for other people’s properties…fuckfaces!

UPDATE: we just found out that the looser(s) also took the anti-mosquito candle from the table outside, jeez…it almost feels like a game of nagging the tourist. 🙁