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What are the odds?

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

The trip of my father in law and his girlfriend to Norway has not been that smooth, at least travel wise: on the way to Norway their plane got delayed for three hours (causing them to arrive at 02:30h in the night 🙁 ), and then they couldn’t open the car which we parked for them (probably due to a frozen lock and the spare key has no infrared). Pretty hopeless and it was frrrreezing cold so a taxi brought them to our house.

Tonight they’d leave and I would drive them to the airport.

Guess what? The bimmer didn’t start, while it worked all week without any problem…we tried starting cables, but the problem didn’t seem to be battery related. Luckily the neighbor was willing to lend us her car and we were able to make it just in time; 5 minutes before closing of check-in. Pfeww!

After I came back home I decided to try the car one more time and…it STARTED at once without any problem!!!


I don’t believe in coincidences, so why did this happen? It is as if they were not meant to come to Norway and after they stayed here for a week, they were not meant to leave…?!? Weird…