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Yes, the TV is IN!

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Pretty simple story:

I went to the store to check for possibilities to order the Samsung tv of my choice one way or the other…found out that there were some options to have an internet delivery, but again with some restrictions…checked out the Philips 46PFL9704 once more, which I thought would be way too expensive…did some poking on the net for competitive prices while being in the store…checked the picture quality of both tv’s as they had the Philips and Samsung (both in 40″ models) exhibited next to each other…saw the difference…got silent…decided to corner the salesman and made him make me an offer I could not refuse…and, I did not refuse…so, my new tv is the Philips 46PFL9704H/12, seriously an amazing tv: perfect quality image with its full backlit LED panel, and more, much more (he he, and I am supporting the dutch finest in the process!)…Ray’s happy! 😉

(oh, and it’s just a friggin’ tv, nice, but not all that important…really!)