Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code?!?

I was halfway writing a blogpost to make mention of the fact that it has been exactly one year ago today that Adam Curry recorded his last Daily Source Code, DSC#821. And that it would be great to have the show back, or at least have an anniversary episode…or convert it into something like a YSC, Yearly Source Code! πŸ˜‰

…it must have been channeled through, since I hear Adam say TODAY that he actually plans to go back into DSC-mode (he mentioned this in the No Agenda #173 podcast of February 11)…well, that is FANTASTIC news!

I am sure that many with me will appreciate the return of the Rachmaninoff intro, Metrosexual moments and other special moments (still giving me a boost of energy!), Red Pill Blue Pill stuff (much of that in the No Agenda show actually, higly recommended if you are interested in an alternative view on the news!!), adventures of the Delta Sierra (the Cesna 172 RT airplane which is up for sale actually!), Trinity (the 1984 yellow Mercedes station wagon running on biodiesel), Charles the drunken Londener, Comic Strip Blogger, Adam’s PCPQ (Prostate Cancer Prevention Quotient), Fubar Friday, Mashups, Jan Polet’s HitTest and more, much more!

So Adam, what’ya say? When can we expect the DSC coming back? Perhaps a DSC#822 today, for old times sake? πŸ˜‰