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Six years ago: Japan

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Today exactly six years ago, March 28 2004, I arrived in Japan for an experience of a lifetime; 4 weeks with 5 amazing people on a trip through a culture that is so different and so interesting that it became a life changing event!

We summed the experience up in the recipe below (as put on our website,

One takes:

– a team of 5 people
– 10 preparation meetings
– 20 hours flight to heat up
– 28 days in the land of the rising sun
– 30 fantastic host families
– a dozen patient translators
– 500 business cards
– 60kg presents, like wooden shoes, orange windbreakers with print
– many kilo’s of raw fish (sushi and sashimi)
– 2 days Tokyo
– more than 1400km traveling by car
– around 20 Japanese Rotary Clubs
– 2 powerpoint presentations per week
– 1 laptop
– 3 digital cameras and 1 SLR camera
– around 2,000 photos
– a professional website
– a pinch of Japanese vocabulary
– 50 liter green tea
– 8mg natto (or less)
– 1,000 times ‘sumimasen’
– domo domo domo domo arigatoo
– bind all this with a firm dose of team-spirit
– serve with Japanese chopsticks

Et voilà, an experience that tastes for a lifetime!