Apple & Adobe (Flash-fight)

The non-existence of Adobe’s Flash on the iPhone has been food for discussion from the moment Apple introduced the iPhone. Users are said to complain, yet the iPhone is selling like crazy…it ain’t all that bad apparently (and to be honest, I don’t really miss Flash on my iPhone).

Especially the last month Adobe started to openly argue ‘with’ Apple (via media), heating up the discussion between the two companies. Steven Jobs responded with an open letter (an interesting read really).

Adobe now thought to play it smart by openly countering with an ‘We LOVE Apple’ advertisement, see below. It’s ok and funny in a way, but they are just shooting themselves in the foot; TechCrunch has an interesting article why.

And obviously a creative Apple fanboy mind (via has created a counter-ad, which is hilarious! (if you don’t understand; the LEGO-block normally resembles the fact that a plugin is not installed in your browser, such as a Flash plugin in Mobile Safari on the iPhone)