iPhone 4 and iOS 4

When Apple has news, the whole world seems interested and up-to-date in the blink of an eye! 😉

Today was no different; it’s only hours since Steve Jobs held his keynote speech at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2010 (WWDC) in which he presented the new iPhone 4, and already Google shows over 1.5 million hits on the search term ‘iPhone 4’ (and that is with a time=today customized search filter!).

So, no need to repeat all the details, as said there’re a zillion websites describing all ins-and-outs of: …iPhone 4 and iOS 4 (the new name for the iPhone OS)!! Click on any of the links in this blogpost and read for yourself, or watch Apple’s iPhone 4 video / entire Keynote presentation by Steve Jobs! 😉

Ha, that leaves me with two things;

1. a picture (below) and 2. a big: iWanna HAVE!! 😉 😉