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Mountain bike training?

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

So, I cleaned my mountain bike some weeks ago (and yes, that was about time…it was still dirty from last years Birkebeiner, jeez! 🙁 ) and I was determined to give it a go today. Uhhmm, I plan to have my preparations for this years Birkebeiner a bit better than last year (when I didn’t touch the bike for a year!). The race takes place on August 28, so there is still 3.5 weeks to get some miles in my legs. 😉

Everything went as planned for some serious training today: I came home before 7pm, got dressed (*and* had no problem finding all my gear; clothes, cycling computer, glasses, helmet and shoes, unlike last year… 😉 ), got the bike out, pumped up the tires and was ready to go…I test the brakes, shifters and gears a bit before I’d push the pedals. Gear up, gear down, gear up, CLUNKKK…the chain broke!!! 🙁 🙁

So much for a work-out today, gotta bring the mountain bike to the shop tomorrow, I’d better have it fully checked before the race later this month!