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Lowlands 2010 recap

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Even great things come to an end, and also the 2010 Lowlands festival is over now. After a SUPERB Queens of the Stone Age concert, the last night ended with another blast; a crrrrazy show with Kees van Hondt!

Mannnn, I’ve never *ever* seen something like this before, a totally messed up dance party with people going WILDDD in the process. The whole point of the show seemed to be that the audience keeps ‘stuff’ up in the air; I’ve seen balloons, all sorts of inflatable toys, air beds (including the big ones for two persons!), rubber boats (!)…basically anything from plastic that can be filled with air and doesn’t hurt when it lands on your head ;), but…I’ve also seen toilet seats, chairs, garbage bins (the big ones…uhh, oops!), mattresses, wooden tables (WTF!), complete tents….and obviously people who were crowd-surfing on top of all this!
I am not sure if the videos I made show enough detail of the craziness, but if you’re interested, check ‘m out at the bottom of this post (oh, and sound off plz…a phone camera is definitely not made to record loud music! 😉 ).

We left before the show ended, so I’m not sure if anyone got hurt and honestly, I would not be surprised; it was amazing to watch and great fun to be amongst the dancing crowd, yet it was too much at the same time, over the top (just think about garbage bins and wooden tables ‘surfing’ over the crowd…)!

Oh well, it was a great end to an amazing festival…thanks *everyone* for making it an unforgettable weekend!!!!!

And here are the videos (also in my Youtube channel):