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And now I am a three times Birkebeiner

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

The bunch of people that followed me today via Twitter, Facebook or on the Birkebeiner tracking site know by now that I made it, again! My time (5h57) was even slightly better than last year (6h01), while the conditions were worse, *and* this time I stayed for approximately 20-30 minutes at the company stand (thx for taking care of everyone Tom!)
This year’s ‘birken’ was my third participation and I can confirm, all good things come in three! And with good I mean that I finished, the race itself was a crrrraaaazy one, especially weather/conditions wise. Jeez, it rained the whole friggin’ 94km causing mud all over the place; I reckon that we had to walk (/swim?) through the mud for least 5km, probably more!!! And the cold…MAN, was it cold!! My fingers almost froze; I had to use my whole hand to shift gears, since my fingers didn’t want to move no more!! 🙁
Oh well, this is why they call it Birkebeiner, and I am very pleased that I participated again, *and* that I made it without any damages (except for my frontfork suspension that went to shit after 20km; the rocky roads almost ruined my arms and shoulder, not to mention the headache!).

Unfortunately the returning home part is quite cumbersome; the car is at the start in Rena and the race ended in Lillehammer, that means a 2h bus ride, and from there another 2,5h to finally arrive back home…oof, I will be back after midnight, I wanna zzzzleep! 😉
And still, it was all worth it!!