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The day after…

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

This weekend was put completely upside-down from yesterday late afternoon; it was time for my bachelor party (even though I’m not getting married…nice!!! 😉 )

I knew something was up when Robbert appeared at the IBC yesterday. He had a simple message; you’re coming with me, now! No escape possible…

We went to The Hague where the others were waiting for me; a HUGE surprise! I won’t go into details (what happened in The Hague stays in The Hague, especially on a bachelor party 😉 😉 ), but what followed was an evening/night of drinking&chatting at De Fiddler, eating&drinking&chatting at Le Connaisseur, and more drinking&chatting in my favorite bar, De Paap…I guess I got lucky (well, my friends know me! 😉 ) since I was not asked to dress up like a chicken or duck (guys; I love ya for not doing that to me! 😉 )…this was all about having fun and enjoying the time together!

And, it was fabulous…thanks Amit, Andre, Axel, Carlo, Marko, Rob, Robbert, Roy, Tom and Willem-Jan!