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Coincidence…I think NOT!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Wow, life is full of surprises:

First there was this opportunity last Friday to meet Adam Curry in person at the dutch No Agenda meeting, years after we ‘met‘ on the dutch highway A4 while he was doing his Daily Source Code podcast (that was in 2004). I couldn’t make it last Friday though. 🙁

Then the following happened this morning:

Kissy started her work today, she’s flying to Los Angeles for five days (actually going there together with our friend Katka!)….it was the 10:40h flight and just before it departed she sent me a text message that Christina Curry is on board (!), directly followed by a message that Adam is on board too!! I assume both of them are flying Business Class, and since Kissy is a Business Class stewardess it is *very* likely that she will be serving them (and in the first place looking after their safety, of course!! 😉 ).

Wow, now *she* will have a chance to talk to them…life truly moves in circles!!