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10 days to go; an Ode to Love

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

It’s only ten days to go when Kristel and I will have our Ode to Love, in a way our alternative to marriage. It’ll be a whole weekend, filled with LOVE…love for each other, love for the people around us and love for life. I am feeling the flow of love and positive energy getting stronger and stronger each day, there are so many things happening and in sync at the moment, everything seems to connect and pointing to spreading LOVE around, a magical feeling!

Kristel wrote the following text which we put in the invitation:

“Als je beseft dat je liefde niet moet zoeken
maar het kunt herkennen in jezelf
herken je het ook in de ander
en maak je ‘t samen tot iets groots”

Translated into English this is:

“When you realize that you don’t have to search for love
but are able to recognize it within yourself
you recognize it in the other as well
and together you make it into something big”