Happy 9th Birthday iPod

Who can imagine a world without the iPod? It feels as the king of portable music players has been around forever, yet the era of ‘mp3’ ain’t all that old (16 years) and the iPod only has its 9th Birthday today; on 23 October 2001, Steve Jobs (hehe, him again) announced the iPod as ‘a Mac-compatible device with a 5 GB hard drive and a capacity that put ‘1,000 songs in your pocket’.

The portable media player can be seen as the turning point for Apple; the company gained traction from the masses, became a style icon, and the Halo effect has had a staggering impact on perception of Apple’s other products.

Hehe, their products are true wannahaves…my current count? 4 iPods, 2 iPhones, 2 Airport Express Base Stations, 1 Airport Extreme Base Station, 1 Time Capsule, 1 MacBook, 1 Mac mini, 1 iPad…what Apple products do you own??